Balao Class Specifications

Lead Boat: SS-385, U.S.S. Balao>
Length: 312'
Beam: 27'
Draft: 17' (Surface trim)
Displacement: 1,800 tons (surfaced); 2,400 tons (submerged)
Speed: 20-1/4 knots (surfaced); 8-3/4 knots (submerged)
Diving Depth: 400' (test depth); 600' (emergency)
Range: 20,000 miles
Endurance: 75 days
Crew: 10 (officers); 70 (enlisted)
Deck Gun: 1 3"/50-calibre, or 1 4"/50-calibre, or 1 5"/25-calibre
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 1 or 2-20mm Oerlikons, or 2-40mm Bofors, or 1-20mm and 1-40mm
Light Weaponry: 6-mounting points for 30-calibre, 50-calibre, or combination
Torpedoes: 10-21" torpedo tubes (6 bow, 4 stern); 24 Mark-14 torpedoes; Mark III Torpedo Data Computer
Engines: 4 GM-Winton V-16, or 4 Fairbanks-Morse 9 or 10-cylinder opposed-piston diesel/generator sets.
Motors: 4 DC high-speed electric motors, reduction gear drive, two per shaft, or 4 variable speed DC direct drive motors
Radar: Short range SD air detection radar; SJ surface search radar; ST periscope radar
Sonar: JP hydrophone, upper deck; JK/QC, QB Sonar under bow
Wartime Modifications: Enhanced electronics suites, radar, sonar.

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