Gato Class Specifications

Lead Boat: SS-212, U.S.S. Gato
Length: 312'
Beam: 27'
Draft: 17' (Surface trim)
Displacement: 1,800 tons (surfaced); 2,400 tons (submerged)
Speed: 20-1/4 knots (surfaced); 8-3/4 knots (submerged)
Diving Depth: 300' (test depth); 450' (emergency)
Range: 20,000 miles
Endurance: 75 days
Crew: 6-10 (officers); 60-70 (enlisted) Crew size increased as war progressed.
Deck Gun: 1 3"/50-calibre, or 1 4"/50-calibre, or 1 5"/25-calibre
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 1 or 2-20mm Oerlikons, or 2-40mm Bofors, or 1-20mm and 1-40mm
Light Weaponry: 6-mounting points for 30-calibre, 50-calibre, or combination
Torpedoes: 10-21" torpedo tubes (6 bow, 4 stern); 24 Mark-14 torpedoes; Mark III Torpedo Data Computer
Engines: 4 GM-Winton V-16, or 4 Fairbanks-Morse 9 or 10-cylinder opposed-piston diesel/generator sets.
Motors: 4 DC high-speed electric motors, reduction gear drive, two per shaft
Radar: Short range SD air detection radar; SJ surface search radar
Sonar: JP hydrophone, upper deck; JK/QC, QB Sonar under bow
Wartime Modifications: Conning tower cut down to reduce silhouette, forward AA gun platform added, progressively heavier deck gun fitted, enhanced sonar and radar, bathythermograph, LORAN.

It was customary to give the name of the boat and class the Americanized pronunction "gate-oh," rather than the Spanish form "gaht-oh".

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