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 Re: What is "down bubble"?
Author: Dan Odenweller (---.as.wcom.net)
Date:   01-11-06 09:38

Slang for two degrees of down angle, or the submarine tilts along the longitudinal axis (nose down). This allows the hull (the deck really) of the submarine to serve as additional planing area.

This bow down attitude allows the ssubmarine to run with slight positive buoyancy, maintaining depth by using the forward motion and the bow down attitude to hold the boat down.

The planesmen maintain the attitude with a gauge, imagine a curved clear glass tube, filled with fluid, with a bubble in it, just like a carpenters level. The bubble level is mounted with the curved ends pointing down, and adjusted so that the bubble is centered when the boat is level.

Now, if the nose goes down, the bubble stays at the top, but it appears to move towards the stern due to the rotation of the tube. This is a "nose (bow) down" indication. Up bubble is just the opposite.

Dan B. Odenweller

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