Tench-Class Specifications

Lead Boat: SS-417, U.S.S. Tench
Length: 312'
Beam: 27'
Draft: 16' 5" (Surface trim)
Displacement: 1,570 tons (surfaced); 2,414 tons (submerged)
Speed: 20 knots (surfaced); 9 knots (submerged)
Diving Depth: 400' (test depth)
Range: 11,000 miles
Crew: 10 officers, 71 enlisted
Deck Gun: 1 or 2-5"/25-calibre
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 2-40mm
Light Weaponry: 2 to 6 .50-calibre heavy machineguns
Torpedoes: 6-21" torpedo tubes (bow); 4-21" torpedo tubes (stern); 24 torpedoes
Engines: 4-GM-Winton V-16, or 4-Fairbanks-Morse 10-cylinder opposed diesels
Motors: 2-2,700 hp direct drive DC variable speed
Radar: SD/SK air search radar, SJ surface search, ST periscope radar
Sonar: JP hydrophones, JK/QC, QB sonar
Wartime Modifications: Little or none. Many underwent extensive modification post-war, including GUPPY conversions.

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